“Panacea’s deep experience in consulting, publications, training and software solutions is unique in the industry.“


“The combination of experienced consultants with cutting edge technology allows Panacea to provide a solution which ensures valuable knowledge transfer as well as continued access to experts.”


“With the Panacea Healthcare Solutions’ Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® program, we implemented fully cost-based prices, which we believe to be the most defensible, with proper consideration given to our competitive market position, payer contract terms and more. The outcomes of this progressive initiative, from a market and financial perspective, are excellent.”

- CFO, Regional Medical Center


“Not just consulting on how to do things, but helping us and providing the tools and guidance to do it right. There are few companies I would stake my name and reputation behind and Panacea is one of them.”

“Panacea’s clinical consultants have improved our accuracy rate and we’ve improved our reimbursement as a result.”

- Manager Financial Analysis, Regional Medical Center


The Panacea Healthcare Solutions Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® application assisted in our annual charge review by allowing us to compare charges within our region and understand the net revenue impact.  It made our annual review more “fun” since we were able to generate numerous scenarios.

- Manager, Decision Support Memorial Medical Center Springfield, IL


“Panacea’s strengths are their ethics and values for compliance based on Medicare guidelines, not just their own opinion. They are very hands-on educational in nature with our staff, so we learn from them.”

- Director HIM, Medical Center


“When I look for a consultant, I look for integrity, knowledge and experience. They’ve got to be current. Panacea has experience in Chargemaster and in various clinical procedures, like lab and cardiology, so they bring in the experts.”

- CFO, Hospital and Healthcare Center


“MedLearn Publishing products not only make work easier, you make it fun!!!”

- Coding Manager, Imaging Center


“Thank you so much for the wonderful articles on RACmonitor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing me with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these auditing entities.”

- Coding Manager, Community Hospital


“Although I’m about two months behind in my work, the least I can do is write to thank you for the RACmonitor. You asked how you were doing. The answer – fabulous. We’re preparing for RAC with minimal resources due to financial pressures stemming mainly from the economic conditions in our locale. I have found the Monitor to be one of my best resources for directing our activity. It’s always timely in terms of events and the education you have provided through your articles has been critical for our team. Your editors and contributors are expert and the articles (thankfully) get into the details that we need to know.”

- Director, Patient Financial Services, Regional Healthcare System