Now that ICD10 is here, it is important to focus on improving your compliance, reimbursement and coding accuracy. I10Focus™ combines web-based technology with ongoing consulting and technical support to facilitate the initial and continued focused auditing of ICD10 coded records to monitor and ensure continuous improvement in coding and clinical documentation.

Your I10 claims data will be run through Panacea’s focused audit software to identify your gaps and improvement opportunities in documentation, coding and claims denials. Your own data will be the foundation for our baseline audit using the system selected records.

The baseline audit results will be used for monitoring improvement and creating customized training programs, working directly with your physicians, coding professionals, and clinical documentation improvement specialists to remedy each area of weakness.

With I10Focus™ you can:

  • Reduce your compliance and reimbursement exposure from ICD10
  • Target your budget dollars on your unique areas requiring training and monitoring
  • Obtain complete medical record documentation to support quality care, patient acuity, accurate coding, and costs per patient
  • Monitor ICD10 coding improvement by coder and benchmark against expected accuracy rates
  • Use I10Focus™ reports to trend physician documentation practices for customized education
  • Ensure compliant and appropriate, concurrent and retrospective query writing
  • Provide more timely and consistent evaluation of issues for continuous improvement
  • Make sure that your claims denials are accurate and they are processed appropriately
  • Use as quality assurance of your own processes to make sure you are paid correctly
  • Develop customized training programs and monitor improvement
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