Panacea clients now have access to innovative education solutions through its new parent company, Career Step, an experienced education partner that has leveraged 25 years of experience in adult education to deliver quality online education developed by nationally recognized authors and experts.  

Panacea and Career Step offer complimentary product and service offerings to drive better results for healthcare organizations by tying the information available through Panacea’s consultants and data analytics to Career Step’s education solutions.

Healthcare’s challenges are now different than those faced in the past. Organizations must analyze each patient’s history through clinical documentation to provide the right codes and DRGs for reimbursement. Are you ready to meet this challenge? Do you have the education tools required?

Career Step has developed and honed a unique 3-step approach designed to erase education worries. We provide the tools needed to evaluate teams and offer exactly the education they need with our Evaluate, Educate, Expand approach.

  1. Evaluate Your Team
    Start by reducing your hiring costs with automated tools while ensuring your new hires have the right skills. Pinpoint areas in need of improvement for individual coders and your outsourced agency with Career Step’s evaluation tools.
  2. Education the Best Team
    The next step is education. Deliver education for specific areas to ensure your training time and resources are used effectively. This enables you to build the best team while providing career growth opportunities and fostering employee loyalty.
  3. Expand Your Team
    Then expand your team. With Career Step’s educational tools, you can develop new skills within your team. Whether you are transitioning your current outpatient coders, chart analysts, or transcriptionists to fill team needs, you can have new, in-house coders certified in 5-8 months.

See how this approach works to accomplish your educational goals in this quick video.



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