The Panacea and Career Step partnership provides clients access to a variety of revenue cycle management education solutions. All of the education products and packages available through this partnership are built on Career Step’s unique 3-step approach—Evaluate, Educate, Expand

The advanced Inpatient Auditing program empowers healthcare organizations to build qualified audit teams while providing career path and advancement opportunities for existing staff.

Business Needs Meets Career Advancement 

Medical coding auditing is a growing area of need for healthcare organizations, and by training existing employees organizations can meet business demands while providing career paths for their best and brightest employees. 

This program offers a multi-modal approach to keep busy adult learners engaged and ensure graduates develop the specialized skills they need to be successful. Developed in collaboration with expert coders and auditors, the program begins with foundational skills and progresses to hands-on experience with practice exercises and authentic medical records. 

Learners must have 3 years of acute care inpatient coding experience to enroll in this program. 

Program Structure

This training program includes 280 hours of course content with a final audit practicum that includes 50 cases. Learners are free to progress through the material in the way that works best for their unique schedule and experience, but the basic program flow is as follows:

    • Learners begin with foundational skills. They’ll start with a course that ensures a solid understanding of ICD-10-CM and PCS and move on to the fundamentals of reimbursement and regulatory compliancy.
    • Technical skills are important. Learners will learn to develop and use Microsoft Excel formulas and pivot tables and also gain skills in Microsoft Word, Access, and PowerPoint.
    • Soft skills are just as important as technical skills. Learners will study conflict management, meeting management, and reporting and presentation skills to ensure they’re prepared for anything that may come in their new roles.
    • Specialized topics are also covered. The program includes a course on healthcare law, presented by a specialist attorney, as well as one on documentation integrity that covers everything from ICD-10 pitfalls to the documentation requirements for high-risk scenarios. 
    • Building to audit processes and key components of an audit. After gaining a strong understanding of the fundamentals and all necessary skills and background, the learner progresses to using their new skills by auditing and reporting on a number of cases through a hands-on practice course that offers in-depth guidance and then in the final self-guided audit practicum. 

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