Panacea clients have access to proven education solutions through Panacea’s parent company, Career Step. These products and packages are all built on Career Step’s unique 3-step approach—Evaluate, Educate, Expand

Designed to work in tandem with education departments, these programs provide education solutions to challenges identified by Panacea consultants and data analytics. 

Pre-Employment Evaluations
Reduce hiring costs (a bad hire can cost 5x their salary to replace) with insight into whether or not candidates have the skills needed before hiring. Evaluations are available for both medical coding and transcription.

Refresh Education
Designed for both new and experienced coders, these educational programs provide skill assessments and refresh education to renew and sharpen staff coding skills. This cost-effective subscription package arms coders with the tools to improve coding quality by teaching how the documentation is tied to coding and providing education in CPT®, DRG, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-10-PCS.

Coder Development
Sharpen staff skills or transition staff to the positions where you need them most with hands-on experience and targeted training. Available Career Step programs include:

  • New Outpatient Coder program, which is designed to help you move existing staff from medical transcription or chart analyst positions to outpatient coding roles by providing a structured, in-depth methodology that helps learners understand and apply ICD-10-CM official coding guidelines and codes.
  • Coding Practice Tool, which is a hands-on, realistic practice environment for coding training that includes authentic medical records from hospital inpatient, emergency department, and same-day surgery settings to give coders the opportunity to practice and refine real-world skills.
  • Biomedical Sciences courses, which provide foundational courses on medical terminology, anatomy, pathophysiology, and pharmacology to reinforce and sharpen coding skills by ensuring coders have the background necessary to tie the documentation to the coding.
  • Outpatient to Inpatient Coder Career Path program, which is designed to advance coding knowledge and expertise in a hospital inpatient setting to pave the way for outpatient coders to become inpatient coders.
  • Applied PCS Coder Education program, which provides a structured, in-depth methodology to understand and apply ICD-10-PCS official coding guidelines and codes to help your team gain proficiency in making more complex code assignments in a variety of advanced coding scenarios and multiple body systems.
  • Inpatient Auditing program, which offers a true career path for inpatient coders by training them on the fundamentals and nuances of the audit process, teaching both the technical and soft skills needed to excel in this position.

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