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For the Week of April 20, 2015


Is the new 2015 CPT code 93355 only to be used during operating room (OR) surgery for a TAVI/TAVR procedure and not to be used in the regular echo lab?


Code 93355 is only assigned for TEE guidance and only during a surgical procedure This code is not a diagnostic exam, so unless you are doing the interventional procedures listed in the code description below and doing them in your regular echo lab, it would not be appropriate to assign this code.

93355 Echocardiography, transesophageal (TEE) for guidance of a transcatheter intracardiac or great vessel(s) structural intervention(s) (e.g., TAVR, transcathether pulmonary valve replacement, mitral valve repair, paravalvular regurgitation repair, left atrial appendage occlusion/closure, ventricular septal defect closure) (peri-and intra-procedural), real-time image acquisition and documentation, guidance with quantitative measurements, probe manipulation, interpretation, and report, including diagnostic transesophageal echocardiography and, when performed, administration of ultrasound contrast, Doppler, color flow, and 3D

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