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For the Week of December 22, 2014


The cardiologist opens up an existing implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) pocket, drains some clear blood-tinged fluid, irrigates the pocket and then closes the pocket. I cannot find a code for the pocket-seroma drainage. Should I use an unlisted code for this procedure?


Guidelines in the CPT book at the beginning of the pacemaker/ICD section tell us to use 10140, 10180, 11042, 11043, 11044, 11045, 11046, 11047 as appropriate for incision and drainage of a hematoma or complex wound infection of a pocket.

For an incision and drainage of a seroma, choose 10140 (incision and drainage of hematoma, seroma or fluid collection).The fact that the seroma is in an ICD pocket makes no difference.


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