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For the Week of May 25, 2015


Is it okay to bill 93623 (programmed stimulation and pacing) with 93650 (ablation of AV node)?


No, you cannot report 93623 with 93650. Code 93623 is an add-on code, and the CPT book lists the codes that may be assigned with it. Code 93650 is not included in that list. In addition, there is a national correct coding initiative (CCI) edit that bundles 93623 into 93650. Chapter 11 of the NCCI Policy Manual for Medicare Services includes the following guideline:

30. CPT code 93623 (programmed stimulation and pacing after intravenous drug infusion) is an add-on code that may be reported per CPT Manual instructions only with CPT codes 93610, 93612, 93619, 93620, or 93653–93656. Although CPT code 93623 may be reported for intravenous drug infusion for diagnostic programmed stimulation and pacing, it should not be reported for injections of a drug with stimulation and pacing following an intracardiac catheter ablation procedure (e.g., CPT codes 93650–93657) to confirm adequacy of the ablation. Confirmation of the adequacy of ablation is included in the intracardiac catheter ablation procedure.

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