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For the Week of February 23, 2015


As we get closer to the ICD-10 implementation date, we may offer our coders “refresher training” since they already have been trained in the new system. Can you suggest the content that might be included in this?


Although the type and frequency of refresher training may vary from coder to coder, and depend upon their individual weaknesses, there are several things that could be included, Coders could review ICD-10 guidelines, read articles about ICD-10, listen to audio conferences, take online courses, and discuss ICD-10 cases as a group.

An article entitled “Know Your Priorities When it Comes to ICD-10...” in the February 16 ICD-10 Monitor includes more information about preparing coders. It’s available at http://icd10monitor.com/enews/item/1369-know-your-priorities-when-it-comes-to-icd-10-five-areas-that-deserve-your-attention-now?utm_source=Real%20Magnet&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=67440923

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