For the Week of December 5, 2016

Many people use the terms “sleep testing” and PSG interchangeable. Is this correct?

Sleep testing differs from polysomnography (PSG) in that the latter requires the presence of sleep staging, which includes a qualitative and quantitative assessment of sleep as determined by standard sleep-scoring techniques. Accordingly, at the same session, a sleep study and PSG are not reported together.

PSG requires at least one central and usually several other EEG electrodes. EEG procurement for PSG (sleep staging) differs greatly from that required for diagnostic EEG testing (i.e., acquisition speed, number of channels, etc.). Accordingly, EEG testing is not to be reported with PSG unless performed separately; the EEG tests, if rendered with a separate report, are to be reported with modifier 59 or one of the X{EPSU} modifiers, indicating that this represents a different session from the sleep study.