For the Week of August 22, 2016

What services are included in code 94644 and 94645 for continuous inhalation treatment with aerosol medication?

These CPT codes represent hourly charges for delivery of therapy. The initial hour code—94644—will include set-up time, device/supplies and medication. Each additional hour of therapy is represented by CPT code 94645. For less than one hour of treatment, neither code 94644 or 94645 should be reported.

If the service is performed for less than one hour, code 94640 may be reported. This code describes a treatment administered several times a day at short intervals (e.g., 10 minutes), whereas continuous inhalation treatment (94644, 94645) is administered for longer periods and then discontinued. A higher dosage of medication and different equipment are used.

Also note that CPT code 94644 uses the term “first hour,” and not “up to 1 hour.” This restricts its use to only procedures lasting 60 minutes. This also applies to the add-on code 94645.