For a FREE demonstration of our Hospital, Physician and Pharmacy Pricing Programs, click HERE

For a FREE demonstration of our Hospital, Physician and Pharmacy Pricing Programs, click HERE

Strategic Pricing Solutions for Hospitals

Pricing for Physician and Pharmacy Services Tops the Priority List for Many Hospitals

Increases in physician staffing … payment changes for physician services under health reform … transparency … take-backs and fines … RAC audits … FTC scrutiny … hospitals are struggling now more than ever with setting prices for their physician and pharmacy services.  In an effort to help hospitals attain defensible yet optimum pricing, Panacea Healthcare Solutions, the developer of the nationally acclaimed Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® system has expanded its CDMauditor Suite to include specific pricing services for physician and pharmacy services.

Physician Pricing

Similar to hospital payer contracts, between 5 and 20% of physician reimbursement is still based on charges.  In addition, there is a risk of physicians being paid the lesser of agreed upon fee schedules or charges if physician prices are not set at appropriate levels. By leveraging its proven Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® platform, Panacea has developed a new Physician- Based Pricing system which coupled with our expert consulting services, has begun to help hospitals establish physician prices taking into account fee schedule rates, relative value units, charge payer reimbursement, volume, payer mix and peer data by physician specialty by CPT code.

Pharmacy Pricing and Compliance

Numerous hospitals nationwide during the past two years have experienced take-backs, fines and consumer complaints in the area of Pharmacy pricing and charge practices.  Additionally, a substantial number of hospitals are being under paid due to under charging or improper or incomplete coding.  Accordingly, two years ago Panacea developed which combined with the services of our full-time Pharmacy coding specialists can assist hospitals in assessing and implementing updated or entirely new pharmacy charges based on updated cost, tiered prices based on drug group and with consideration to price floors, dispense fees, volume, payer mix and reimbursement terms. 

Hospital Zero-Base Pricing®

Currently used by many hospitals and health systems nationwide, Panacea Healthcare Solutions’ Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® program is designed to assure that established prices are not only sufficient to maintain net revenue objectives but that their foundation is based on cost and/or market data. With Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® prices are established based on estimated or actual unit cost while maintaining or increasing net revenue levels. That's not to say market prices, APC rates or Fee Schedules are ignored. Before finalizing price models some prices will inevitably be adjusted to ensure that the cost based prices don't fall below contractual amounts and that others remain competitive.

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