Panacea’s CDMauditor® is the nation’s most comprehensive suite of complementary charge description master (CDM) coding, compliance, hospital, physician, and pharmacy strategic and rational pricing, and revenue integrity solutions, which have received the coveted HFMA Peer Review designation for six-years.
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Hospital Zero-Base Pricing®

Establish & Maintain Defensible Yet Optimum Chargemaster Pricing. Load files and run “what-if” financial impact models simultaneously for the entire health system, with results displayed by hospital by region.

Physician Pricing

Assess and align physician prices (fee schedules) to be more rational based on physician market data, RVU’s, and other benchmarks using Panacea’s physician specific strategic pricing algorithms.

Comparative Health Data

Create Custom Peer Groups and Compare Prices, Cost, Room Rates and Charge-to-Cost Mark-Up Factors from National Database of 5,000 Hospitals and more than 600,000 Physician Medical Offices and Free-standing Facilities.


Improve and maintain the coding, compliance and reimbursement accuracy of your Pharmacy CDM and Formulary. Use the system to model and implement best practice drug pricing methodology.

Unit Cost Estimator

Absent an expensive and time-consuming cost accounting system with Unit Cost Estimator you can establish unit costs for ALL chargemaster line items in no time at all. You can utilize the resultant direct, fully-allocated and marginal unit cost information for rational pricing, and more sophisticated probability analytics.


After years of acquisitions or mergers, health systems are often burdened with disparate chargemasters that compromise data integrity, decision-making and billing. It’s often due to inconsistent service codes, clinical billing codes, descriptions and pricing for like procedures and items across entities. You can even use CDMSync to synchronize your CDM with your clinical systems.

CDM Coding and Compliance Module

Improve & Maintain Your Chargemaster Coding, Compliance & Reimbursement Accuracy.


Proactively “check” your HCPCS/CPT coding against NCCI hospital or physician tables to ensure optimum coding and reimbursement accuracy.

*HFMA staff and volunteers determined that this product has met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of this product.

* HFMA staff and volunteers determined that this product has met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of this product.

Panacea’s innovative CLAIMSauditor® is cloud-based compliance and auditing tool that assists compliance, coding, and financial professionals to uncover coding, compliance, and reimbursement risks and opportunities hidden in provider claims and other detail data.

CLAIMSauditor allows users to apply and create rules not typically found in comparable systems and can combine our preexisting library of rules with their own to process against an entire health system or region of inpatient, outpatient or physician records.”

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CLAIMSauditor®,  is a powerful cloud-based system that helps clients identify new incremental revenue opportunities or to proactively identify coding, documentation and compliance risk.  Rules found in our library or rules written by your team and be applied to patient level data to find those with the highest probability for revenue opportunity or risk.