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New Era in Healthcare Necessitates Chargemaster Synchronization: Panacea’s Innovative CDMsync™ Technology Proves Swift and Accurate Results for Health Systems

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Highly Sought-After Freestanding Facility and Medical Office Data Now Available

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June–December is Good Time to Implement Your Defensible Hospital and Physician Pricing Strategy

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Aggressive and Diverse Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Initiatives Underway: Panacea Launches VBPmonitor.com for the Latest News and Information

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OIG Cites Medicare Overpayments of $6.7 Billion for E/M Services; CMS to Analyze Overpayments for Errors

The errors identified occurred due to coding issues and insufficient documentation, requiring physician education... Read more

Irrational Drug Prices Being Charged by Hospitals Continue to Surprise Patients

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The ICD-10 Train Has Left the Station

With the recent passing of the Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, a.k.a. the "doc fix," without... Read more

DRGcheck.com Perfect Fit for ICD-9/ICD-10 Dual Coding, ICD-10 Readiness or Other Audit Initiatives

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Do No Harm; Next, Focus on Documentation Improvement

We’ve heard the concerns and questions from multiple corners of the healthcare industry: Will physicians... Read more

Coding Accuracy

Get the updated coding information you need with at-a-glance tables, concise explanations, quick tips and other timesaving features with publications and education from MedLearn Publishing... Read more

Recovery Auditor Compliance

Facilities serving Medicare and Medicaid patients look to RACmonitor for news, views and insight with bi-weekly e-news, alerts, special bulletins and our popular, live 30-minute podcast, Monitor Monday... Read more

Ease the Transition to ICD-10

ICD10monitor.com’s enewsletter and weekly podcast, TalkTenTuesday, cover topics such as coding and clinical documentation improvement, physician education, revenue cycle management... Read more