Strategic Pricing

In our current environment, it is imperative to ensure your organization will be able to document and defend each line item price in your hospital, physician, and pharmacy charge description master (CDM) and systems. You must be able to show that these prices are based on clear rationale founded in cost, market data, fee schedules, and other benchmarks while simultaneously achieving net revenue objectives.

Panacea has developed and pioneered Hospital Zero-Base Pricing®This strategy has been used by hospitals and health systems nationwide and, for eight consecutive years, has received the coveted HFMA Peer Review designation.

Our team of seasoned hospital, physician, and pharmacy pricing experts can help you determine your ideal pricing with our industry leading software and the most recent benchmarks. You can also use the user-friendly Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® software on your own after expert training.

Our pricing solutions include:

Hospital Strategic Pricing – Develop defensible yet optimum hospital chargemaster pricing with our nationally recognized Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® technology and expertise.

Physician Strategic Pricing – Identify defensible yet optimum physician prices based on local and regional physician data comparisons, RVU data, and fee schedules to ensure consistency across varying physician practices.

Pharmacy Strategic Pricing – Implement a tiered drug pricing methodology or assess your current program with Panacea’s financial pricing team and innovative PHARMauditor™ software.

CMS Price Transparency Services – Implementing the CMS Price Transparency Rule requires more to do than meets the eye. Panacea provides a comprehensive CMS Price Transparency suite of services –to assure your prices are compliant, competitive and easily accessible by consumers.

No Surprises Act: Good Faith Estimates – New services and technology that supports hospitals and providers in developing, maintaining and delivering to consumers Good Faith Estimates at the itemized level for all schedulable items and services. Panacea’s state-of-the-art technology combined with statistical analyses, incorporates both hospital and physician charge data producing an all inclusive Good Faith Estimate, as required under the No Surprises Act.