Compliance Management Software Solutions for Healthcare

Panacea has added Compliance Management Software from First Healthcare Compliance, a division of Panacea Healthcare Solutions.

This powerful software is designed to streamline and fortify your compliance processes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to regulatory adherence. From OSHA and HIPAA to HITECH and more,  First Healthcare Compliance brings you an all-encompassing solution.


Online Efficiency: Experience a secure, cloud-based, patent-pending centralized management system coupled with live support for a seamless compliance program management solution. Achieve cost, time, and resource efficiencies without the need for IT investments. Benefit from scalability, flexibility, and easy implementation, accessible anytime, anywhere (24/7/365) via secure id/password for real-time data.

Compliance Assurance: Gain peace of mind with compliance assurance through user-friendly “zones” dedicated to managing ongoing compliance with OSHA, HIPAA, HITECH, and other requirements. Our comprehensive solution includes fully automated processes, such as ongoing reminders, monthly LEIE database checks, and log/date-time stamps via 1st Defense File™—critical in audit or investigation scenarios.

Live Support: Benefit from our client service team’s live support available each business day. Our staff, including nurses, attorneys, and certified compliance professionals, ensures successful implementation and provides ongoing personalized support. Initial and ongoing online training is available to support your training needs.


Stay Informed: Stay ahead of ever-changing rules and regulations effortlessly with content via webinars, blogs, articles, whitepapers, and other resources provided by our team and network of compliance experts. Mitigate the risk of whistleblowers with our anonymous 24/7/365 hotline.

Comprehensive Solutions: Effortlessly meet all elements of your compliance program in one place, saving time, money, and resources. Address OSHA, HIPAA, HITECH, the False Claims Act, Stark, the Anti-Kickback statute, and more without engaging multiple providers. Weekly email reports keep you informed of your compliance status, alerting you to necessary actions. Simplify policy customization with access to an up-to-date online library of sample documents.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Choose the right compliance program solution based on a subscription plan tailored to your practice’s needs. With three solutions available, select the best fit for your requirements. The proven efficiency of the First Healthcare Compliance solution saves you time, money, and resources by effectively addressing all your compliance program management needs in one place. Let us show you how!