Medicare audits have increased 936% in the last five years alone, according to Becker’s Hospital CFO, and ad hoc audits are no longer enough of a defensive strategy. One of the best ways to achieve timely and accurate cash flow is to implement a robust and proactive auditing program.

Panacea’s I10-Focus™ tool review of ALL claims or patient records allowing you to focus on problem areas, and uncover new opportunities. Your audit program will become more comprehensive, effective and and cost efficient.

With I10-Focus™, we use your own data to apply coding, documentation, compliance and/or lost revenue rules found in our library, or written easily by you, to identify opportunities for improvement in your documentation, coding, and payment levels. Your auditing team will be able to identify and report on issues by coder, hospital, service line, and across inpatient and outpatient facility or physician services.

Get the laser focus you need to ensure your time spent or investment in audits are returning the insights needed to optimize coding and documentation integrity and reimbursement.

Key Benefits

  • Facilitate ongoing 100% automated review of records or claims
  • Spend time more effectively and cost efficiently reviewing records flagged by the system
  • Use standard or custom edit criteria to identify cases with the biggest issues or opportunities