Inpatient Auditing & Compliance

According to Becker’s Hospital CFO, Medicare audits have increased
by 936% in just the last five years. Organizations must have an
internal audit strategy in place if they hope to maintain timely and
accurate cash flow.

Panacea’s experts help meet your inpatient auditing and
compliance goals with MS-DRG reviews, APR-DRG reviews, full
coding quality reviews, top 5 MS-DRG reviews, and query reviews.

When performing an inpatient audit, the expert consultants at Panacea
conduct a comprehensive review:

  • Evaluating your team’s skills in MS-DRG, APR-DRG, and ICD-10-CM/PCS
  • Analyzing a medical record sample that has been flagged by the
    I10-Focus™ software to assess the appropriateness of the
    diagnosis and procedure code selections using ICD-10-CM/PCS,
    present on admission (POA) indicators, and selection of MS-DRG
    or APR-DRG
  • Evaluating the completeness of documentation to support accurate code assignment and appropriateness of physician queries
  • Validating physician admission orders
  • Verifying proper discharge disposition
  • Ensuring correct code transfer to the claim forms and proper MS-DRG payment received on the remittance advice

Key Benefits

  • Identify and minimize risk areas
  • Ensure accurate code assignment for improved reimbursement