Physician Auditing and Compliance

The industry’s current approach to practitioner audits simply falls short. The modern healthcare environment and the goals for compliance are just too complex to be met through random selection auditing.

In contrast, Panacea has developed a new holistic approach to practitioner audits that uses technology, expertise, and education.

Our goal is to help you identify incidents and patterns of potential billing and coding risk as well as opportunities where under-coding may be occurring.

Our innovative approach leverages our proprietary technology, predictive analytics, and the expertise of our auditing team to help you apply the right tools for your unique situation. With our tools you will:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of your auditing/coding team’s skill level
  • Understand which practitioners are at risk
  • Understand which procedure and modifiers are influencing risk
  • Identify opportunities
  • Collaborate with experts on your plans

Panacea’s unique approach to auditing enables you to be completely confident that you are focused on driving down risk and meeting your compliance goals.

Key Benefits

  • Improve auditing/coding skills
  • Provide education in-person, online, remotely, or in combination
  • Audit the right practitioners and cases
  • Find cases for practitioners using tools
  • Complete audits together
  • Improve practitioners’ knowledge of E&M