CDM Synchronization

Mergers and acquisitions often lead to disparate prices and coding for like items and services and often entirely different chargemaster service codes among entities within a health system. Inconsistent coding is often found between clinical systems and the chargemaster used for billing.

Panacea’s experts are skilled at using CDMsync™ software to synchronize disparate chargemasters, coding and/or pricing among your health system providers. With our efficient CDMsync™ process we can swiftly develop a Corporate Standard CDM if needed or synchronize the coding or pricing across entities and clinical systems. 

Our proven processes help you save valuable time and avoid costly errors. CDM synchronization will ensure data integrity and consistency of important billing data among your health system entities and with clinical systems.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage technology and expertise to replace manual CDM synchronization efforts
  • Identify missing and incorrect codes among entities
  • Ensure consistent and optimal coding and reimbursement
  • Swiftly create new Corporate Standard Chargemaster
  • Improve public relations and data integrity