Charge Capture Review

An engine can’t run without fuel, and your revenue cycle engine will stall if all department charges aren’t being captured.

Panacea gives you a leg up in evaluating your revenue integrity by leveraging technology and expertise to assess your charge capture processes and accuracy.

We track a charge all the way from the medical record to the detailed bill to the final submitted claim to the remittance advice. Your claims data will be processed through hundreds of lost revenue and charge rules to flag potential issues and opportunities. We can review all of the departments in your organization or only those of specific concern.

This in-depth review identifies opportunities for charge capture, and we also provide education for your clinical departments on the charge process to ensure understanding and compliance. We can also include interviews with key team members to identify if all hospital services—including technical fees (facility charge), and professional fees (provider charge)—are accounted for.

Key Benefits

  • Identify lost charge areas
  • Process improvement
  • Flag EHR or billing systems issues
  • Understand documentation integrity opportunities
  • Determines areas of focus for education