Comprehensive Chargemaster Review

Panacea combines deep industry experience with sophisticated analytic software to pinpoint items that could affect your revenue and compliance.

Our Comprehensive Chargemaster Review focuses on the chargemaster as the fuel of your revenue cycle engine and examines a number of priorities:

  • Identifying charging vulnerabilities
  • Eliminating coding and billing errors
  • Generating correct revenue
  • Sustaining regulatory compliance

This comprehensive review covers a variety of areas or focuses only on specific departmental charges. Specific deliverables include:

  • Line item audit of the CDM with recommendations
  • Interactive meetings with department managers
  • Detailed CDM analysis reports
  • Interpretations of findings
  • Project support from Panacea’s coding and reimbursement experts

Our comprehensive review combined with our Charge Capture Review will help you combat the possibility for loss and risk and identify new opportunities with a claims and documentation analysis.