Hospital Zero-Base Pricing®

Used by hospitals and health systems nationwide, the state-of-the-art Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® program empowers you to develop defensible, optimal, and strategic pricing.

Combined with support from Panacea pricing experts, this software enables your hospital to implement and maintain rational prices, year after year.

The Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® tool allows you to easily analyze and evaluate prices from a number of angles:

  • Gross and net revenue impact by department, patient type, and payer
  • Executive summary dashboard
  • Line-by-line audit trail showing how each charge was developed
  • Unlimited modeling and “what-if” scenarios
  • Market and benchmark data
  • Practical unit cost estimator system

Establish your prices based on unit costs, market data, or a hybrid thereof.

Key Benefits

  • Develop prices based on clear rationale
  • Manage pricing yourself with our tool
  • Run unlimited cost based, market based or hybrid pricing models and “what-if” scenarios within minutes
  • Improve net patient revenue
  • Reduce compliance risk