Physician Strategic Pricing

With the integration of physician practices, it is imperative that health systems develop defensible physician charges.

Panacea helps you identify and correct inconsistencies in pricing for like services that may have resulted from a myriad of acquisitions.

We can also help you restructure physician prices to be in line with the market while ensuring optimum net revenue. The outcome will be defensible and documented line item prices based on a hybrid of RVU, payer fee schedules, and local and regional market data.

Panacea’s services are led by experts who understand your day-to-day challenges and take the time to learn your organization’s goals. The result? Reliable analysis and actionable recommendations to make your organization even healthier.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate inconsistent pricing across disparate physician practices
  • Defend and document each line item price based on hybrid of RVU, payer fee schedule, and local and regional market data.
  • Ensure prices result in defensible yet optimum net revenue
  • Reduce risk with documented audit trail for future reference