Revenue Integrity

In this time of transition to new payment models, you still have to effectively manage fee-for-service systems and uncover revenue opportunities. Examining opportunities available through improved charge capture is an effective strategy for revenue improvement in today’s environment of change.

Panacea clients are seeing improvements in their charge capture and uncovering previously unknown problem areas with our expert consultants and CLAIMSauditor® tool.

We can take large volumes of claims and payment data and quickly analyze it with the CLAIMSauditor® software using our rules, or our experts can help you create custom rules for your organization. The insights provided through this analysis give you the information needed to improve your revenue while eliminating the false positives that are common today.

Key Benefits

  • Improve charge capture
  • Find missed charges
  • Identify missing or improper codes
  • Correct under- and over-coding
  • Ensure proactive management of stop-loss contract provisions
  • Convert 835 and 837 data files into a user-friendly format