Inpatient Coding Auditing

As financial scrutiny intensifies and regulations become more complex, the demand for inpatient auditors to minimize third-party reviews and secure accurate payment and reimbursements is increasing.

Panacea helps you transform your best coders into inpatient auditors.

  • Fill your gap for skilled, qualified auditors
  • Ensure correct reimbursement
  • Reduce the cost of educating auditors
  • Access detailed tracking and reporting at no additional cost

Our program offers 280 hours of course content and stands out from other programs with 45 hours of hands-on experience offered in the final Audit Practicum.

To ensure your organization gets the most for its education investment, this Panacea program has specific learner prerequisites:

  • 3 years of inpatient coding experience within the last 5 years
  • 95% coding accuracy in the last rolling 12 months, as verified by employer’s records
  • Ability to maintain coding productivity, as verified by employer’s records