Partner with Panacea

Partner with Panacea and we can work with you to proactively maintain compliance, identify risk and find new incremental net revenue opportunities at every stage of the mid-revenue cycle.

Coding Compliance Reviews and Education Services

Payer strategies are evolving quickly and, to make the most of revenue opportunities while mitigating claims denials, healthcare organizations must be prepared.

With Panacea’s unique approach to auditing, you can be completely confident that you’re focusing on the most important risks and opportunities—from finding lost revenue to capturing all charges to meeting your compliance goals.

Charge Capture

In this time of transition to new payment models, you still have to effectively manage fee-for-service systems and uncover revenue opportunities. Examining opportunities available through improved charge capture is an effective strategy for revenue improvement in today’s environment of change.

Panacea clients are seeing improvements in their charge capture and uncovering previously unknown problem areas with our expert consultants and CLAIMSauditor® tool.


Your chargemaster is the fuel that runs your revenue cycle engine, serving as the basis for your reimbursement and financial success. With the mergers, acquisitions, and the ever-changing regulatory environment, you need software and ongoing expertise to ensure optimum coding accuracy, compliance, and revenue.

Strategic Pricing

It is imperative to ensure your organization will be able to document and defend each line item price in your hospital, physician, and pharmacy charge description master (CDM) and systems. You must be able to show that these prices are based on clear rationale founded in cost, market data, fee schedules, and other benchmarks while simultaneously achieving net revenue objectives.


Consistent and continuous revenue cycle improvement ultimately depends on your staff—their knowledge of revenue cycle components, their drive for professional growth, and their commitment to your organization’s financial goals.

Panacea offers the educational resources you need to ensure your team is prepared for today’s challenges.

Pharmacy Pricing & Compliance

Missing drugs. Incorrectly coded drugs. Charge capture inefficiencies. Your pharmacy has the potential to lose millions of dollars in revenue. And with multiple subsets of drugs and huge variations in costs and mark-ups, the risk of bad publicity is just as prevalent.