CDMauditor Coding & Compliance

Panacea’s CDMauditor® Coding & Compliance (ChargeAssist®) module provided by Holliday & Associates is a cloud-based charge management solution for both small and large enterprise organizations. Partnering with Holliday & Associates, ChargeAssist® was developed from the ground up to redefine how hospitals manage their CDM. This software suite takes a multi-faceted approach through a number of modules in an integrated, easy-to-use product.

ChargeAssist® achieves a number of objectives:

  • Reinvents the audit process for annual and ongoing CDM maintenance
  • Resolves CDM management’s biggest challenge—automating user collaboration and documentation of charge changes
  • Serves as a single-source coding and regulatory resource, providing cost savings on expensive third-party resources and ensuring a better informed staff

Our smart, next-generation system redefines how hospitals manage their CDMs and offers a platform built for today’s complex EHRs.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify the audit process
  • Establish defensible pricing for new items
  • Automate user collaboration and documentation software is a comprehensive, innovative, and affordable suite of distinct, cloud-based modules. Maintain and improve your charge description master (CDM) and pharmacy formulary coding, compliance, strategic pricing, and reimbursement with the CDMauditor suite.